Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First Deepavali open house visit

On the 21st of October 2006, i went to my friend's house for was really fun considering i'm Chinese and i never visit a Deepavali festivities at someone's house before. Together with a bunch of classmate, i went to Sunshine Square to buy her a hamper....we should not visit someone's house empty handed don't you think? Although i had to drive there (which pratically cost a lot of petrol usage) it was really exciting since i never visit a friend's Deepavali openhouse. When we reach there, her family and my friend were very kind and welcoming. They gave us lots of very yummy delicious cookies and cakes and not to forget muruku...her mother is a really great cook...should copy recipe from her...then we had dinner which was delicious. The mutton curry was so nice...everything was delicious..i had lots of fun...we chit chat and chit chat until it was time to go home..well i guess you can say that was the best part of my holidays...since there was nothing much for my holidays...but have no fear the holidays isn't over....haha it rhymes...okie..that's all....bye...

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