Sunday, October 22, 2006

A stroke of luck??

Recently, i won a contest in Galaxie, an entertainment magazine and i begin to wonder whether i'm starting to get lucky this year since i also won a lucky draw contest in school..( was just an umbrella that i won)...but still its consider an achievement for someone who doesn't win anything inlucky draws and contest for the past five years or more..Unfortunately the pair of Crocs which i won from the lucky draw contest was way too big for my feet...lolz..that i have to give it to my dad...Since winning the contest i started subscribing to Galaxie and join more competetion. Hopefully i will be able to get lucky again...i never was lucky considering how unlucky i am financially or in love.....since i don't even have a boyfriend and never had a how pathetic am I? Very......but still considering i have lots of friends and family makes me feel better because i will always have them to take care of me...I guess we will always have to view a glass half full and not half empty.....

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