Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire

Starring Gianna and directed by Chris Nahon.

***Spoilers ahead***

The movie was just okay. It tends to be a bit draggy at times. Especially the fight scene where Saya takes on all those demons alone. Fight scenes can be fun and interesting but when something like that drags for more than 20 minutes (I think it was more...I didn't take down the time) it can be a bit boring. It makes it less believable that she can fight alone without help for such a long long time even if she is a 400 years old half-vampire that looks 16.

Saya (Gianna Jun) looks 16 but is actually a 400 years old hafling, half vampire half human. She survives on blood too but she ain't like the monsters she kills. She doubts herself thinking she might be like them but what she has is a soul, a human soul that makes her special. The main motive she kills vampires is for revenge against Onigen who killed her father hundreds of years ago. The whole movie is okay mainly because of Gianna who looks good fighting and her acting skills are not bad. The monsters sucks. Especially the flying ones. They look fake to me. It also turns out that Onigen is actually Saya's mom and while Koyuki looks really beautiful as Onigen, the black ink blood was a bit weird for me. Black ink blood on her white pure kimono....totally spoils the whole outfit...haha. There's also Alice McKee (Allison Miller) in the movie who should at least help kill vampires rather than just screaming all the time. Every single time she sees one she screams...well that maybe the fact she's a human and never seen a vampire before but her screaming is way too much for me and I thought she learnt some moves in kendo class??

Ohh, of course in the end, good triumphs over evil and Saya defeated Onigen. Yet she is trapped in some kind of mirror world which the movie didn't over much explanation to stupid viewers like me who don't understand why she isn't out from there or how she gotten in the mirror with Alice and why Alice is the only one out from it and currently in a physcho ward being given evaluation for her mental health.

P.S. I think the movie is from an anime or manga if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure but I know there's an anime playing on Animax recently with the same title. That might be it.

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