Saturday, August 15, 2009


Having a fever now since yesterday. Gave a shock to my mom when I fainted while waiting for the evalator at my flats. Fainted twice in fact...having been healthy all my life to suddenly faint gave me a scare too. Taking meds and resting at home. I just came back from the uni and was thinking of having fun in Penang. End up staying at home feeling sick. Bad luck I have this week. Let's hope I'll get better soon.

Meanwhile, to fill my boredom and cheer me up, there's always TVXQ and Super Junior. My latest love...Lee Dong-hae...he's so sweet and cute. Will update some details on him soon. Have a love at 1st sight on him. Haha..
( so cute...)


Spending time online instead of going out. I am so going to do some fangirling on my favourite groups TVXQ and Super Junior. Just started fan-girling lately....can't say I don't like it since I can find more info on my favourite stars...hehe. More to come...

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