Friday, November 09, 2007

Days of my school

School play an important role in all of our life.....we grow up in school and it has become our second home. Going to school for almost all of your life, you will feel like you have left something really important behind when you leave your alma-mater. It's where you share your feelings with friends, it's where you meet friends, learn more and understand more. Finally, it's time to leave school. After 13 years in school and more than half of my life, it's like losing a part of your heart. I feel like I have been going to school all my life. Lessons taught and lessons learn....there's still a lot to be learn but we have learn a lot from school. From my dearest primary school SK Batu Lanchang to high school St. George's Girl School...I've always been one never to be absent from can see me in school whether rain or shine or in sickness or in health. I am always going to school...why you's because I want to savour the moments I have in school. To be able to appreciate what the school could give to me and what I could give in return. To be able to think back and remember that I didn't miss a single thing in my school lfe. From Standard 1 to 6 then to form 1 to 5 then going to Form Six.....some people think Form Six is a bad choice but I think it's a great choice. I think going back for Form 6 turn out to be a good decision and is a great experience I will never regret....I had a lot of fun these past two years in Form six...met a lot of new friends and learn a lot more of life. I have studied....yes I did studied something, learn more of chemistry, physics, pengajian am and maths (still not really good at some of them) It was hard work yet I had a great time with all my friends and treasured those times we had- all the toilet trips, jokes, recess, club activities, performing at school (those dancing and singing is something I never thought I would have the chance to do in school) chit-chatting, exam woes and lot's and lot's of laughters....Last days of school were spend on having fun without worrying that STPM examinations is coming (thinking of it is giving me I don't want to think of it now) Taking lots of pictures to remind us of the times we had and writing lots of notes and biodatas for people to be remember us.....something to treasure forever......Form Six turn out to be a weird yet fun kind of experience....whether it is having a REMUP day or Majlis Mohon Restu (some sort of blessing ceromony in Vistana...the school's rich we do this in the hotel and get to have a buffet wasn't nice though) or having days of stressed out examination blues or events such as Sports Day, Prize-Giving Day or Foodfair.......or Glamorous Graduation Night..they are all things to be remembered......teachers helped out a lot. Whether it is the very hardworking fast-paced talking chemistry teacher Pn. Thoo or sleepy Maths classes with Pn. Muminah or droosy yet important classes with fashionable Pn. Ling, our Physics teacher...all of them are there for one purpose and one purpose educate us and help us in succeeding in the future...thank you teachers very very much. I'll miss my school years but one have to grow up and find a way to return all those that teachers have once taught us to those who need them.
Friends thank you for sharing all those times with me....forgive me if I ever hurt you guys in anyway what so ever.....To my best buddies in school...Hui Ping, Mei Ling, Hui Ting, Jolyn, Phei Chuin, Wen Shan, Loo Wen, Wan Yin, Li Ling, Elora, Cavina, Melanie, Janice and everyone else thank you for being there to share these times with guys are the best...I had a lot of fun...Hui Ping and Hui Ting, my best friends who shared the same passion with me with Leehom, Mei Ling with her sarcastic yet always true personality, Wen Shan who always make jokes that make people laugh and thanks for sharing those NS experiences with me, Janice who always blush, Loo Wen and Wan Yin who are always talking about anime and Japanese or Koreans, Elora and Cavina who are always so nice to people, Phei Chuin my car-pool buddy and my listener to my worries, Jolyn with her funny cute antics and craze for TVXQ and a bunch of very funny people who lighten up my life with your presence in it....nothing makes life sweeter and special than sharing it with you guys. You guys taught me to live life my way...
Form Six makes me a lot stronger.....I'm more passionate about life thanks to it....I learn to be more courageous in doing things like singing in Georgian Idol or dancing for Hari Remup. I learn how to lead as the president of Librarians in school or the president of Science Club. I learn to control traffic...hehe in my days as traffic warden...I learn to think outside the box and appreciate life. I learn that friendship can be found anywhere and is unbiased to whether age or race....I love school...I'm proud to say I LOVE SGGS......from our clock tower to our red blazing school colour to weird school funtions to annoying red-skirts prefects(no offense to my red-skirted friends) to my days as a librarian ( surrounded with books and learning to organise them...I love the smell of new books) to traffic duty in school (the chance to control the school traffic is like power to me...I can stop you from moving if I want to...hahahaha)to simply my class L6S1/U6S1. ..(my very romantic pink-peach painted class in 2006 and very dull white painted, spacious air-conditioned class yet humid and hot class because we are not allow to on the air-con class class in 2007) My beloved school, I'll be leaving soon...soon you'll be missing a very important student...ME....I shall miss it really...To never have a chance to wear a pinafore again or sit in a classroom in school or wear a nametag or running to recess or morning assembly (okay that I don't really think I will miss) or singing the school anthem or claiming marks from teachers....I'm gonna so miss it...St.George St.George will ever proclaim...honour and uphold you forever praise your name....Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam. (if there's a will, there's always a way) SGGS I love you...and thank you for everything...

(REMUP day 2007...crazy bunch of girls..)
(Majlis Mohon Restu in Vistana Hotel)
( best buddies...)
( The old L6S1 class which is painted fellow classmates)
(Teachers and friends) (L6S1 again..) ( Hari Remup the laman koperasi....)

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