Saturday, July 07, 2007

070707....7 July 2007

What's so special about seven??? Lucky number seven anyone ??? This year on this very day...number seven is simply special because it's a day most the citizen of the world pledge to save Earth. To combat the climate change and fight global warming...The Earth concerts...I'm watching one right continents....(seven again you appears everywhere) more than a hundred of concerts are being held to create awareness of saving Earth....we definitely need to SAVE Earth...all of us, I dare to say are partly helping to destroy included. The 3R's...reduce,reuse and recycle....not only we need to do that we need to do more....Stop polluting Earth by carpooling or wasting electricity and water...Learn to help stop pollution....Then, back to the number seven...Seven...David Beckham has the number 7 when he was in Manchester United...The seven wonders of the world...why not eight or six...that's just one of the significance of the number me, today's just an ordinary day yet it seems so extraordinary simply because we all are so awed by the number 7. There's the 7-11 stores or 7 days of the week or 7-up and even the seven colours of the just happen to appear in our daily lives..... and I was going to make this day a bit memorable by cutting my hair short which I never have before....I always have long hair and been trying to build my courage to cut it short for a change.....but sadly the hairsalon was booked for the day and I didn't get to cut it... Well, another day then....then, I was thinking of all the Live Earth concerts and wondering if all this concert would create more pollution to Earth?? I mean, if you go for these kind of concert, you'll see people actually throwing rubbish and empty bottles on the floor of these stadiums and doesn't this cause more pollution?? Yeah, this is a huge campaign to create awareness to stop pollution and combat global warming....but in doing promotion like this don't we just create a little more problems....That's just my opinion...I don't know how things are really going in these concerts...maybe they aren't like what I am thinking about....Well, I still like the number seems so special just feels so nice...hahaha....I'm crazy.....but these concerts are really nice actually...I guess it makes us feel really together and united in these kinds of concert...just imagine evryone in this world...millions of viewers are watching and enjoying these concerts.....Go earth...Save Earth...we only have one Earth you know...

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