Saturday, May 05, 2007

MUET....Can't wait for it to be so over...

Oh gods....i never want to take another MUET again (to those who don't know what it is a Malaysian University English Test which is complusory for Six-formers to take before entering universities in Malaysia) more tests for me...I'm so not retaking it...unless I get very low marks then I have know I thought it would be much easier but hey...I'm always wrong.....It was terrible.....considering I actually went to National Service, I didn't know what to write for the essay "Trainees in NS to be trained using firearms..agree or disagree" I really didn't know what to write.....My mind was blank...I wrote anything I could think of which wasn't much. The listening was okay but I don't know how I least I think I did good...there was this passage in the listening paper which I find quite amusing because it really described me....a complusive horder (someone who keep thing like newspapers,magazine and even tickets....they keep anything they think is valuble or memorable causing big amount of junk and disterss to family members) I think I am one or not in the process of being one...when I actually listened to the passage I find myself laughing because it so described my attitude of keeping all kinds of stuff....I even keep movie tickets,concert tickets and amusement park tickets so I find it really proving I am guilty of being a hoarder....complusive one at that too...It is even catagorised as a mental illness....does that mean I am mentally ill?? Might be because I am crazy...must be a loose screw in my head... The reading comphrehension was a bit better...and I think I did good...I checked a few times and got most of it correct but I'm not sure...Next Tuesday there is another paper...the final one...Speaking paper which I so hate....I am so afraid of this paper mainly because I have to speak in fluent English to show that I am a "Great" speaker of English. That really scares me as I never get a higher score in this paper always pull my scores down...I have to get so ready to speak excellent English and have a high level of speaking skills....Haiz...imagine STPM when I can't even handle this now...I'm so so so so way DEAD....The Midterms are coming too...I haven't even started studying and it is a week away...9 days to be I have to pray hard and hope I can make it...passing would be so great....Of course passing with flying colours would better...excellent in fact...hahaha

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