Sunday, April 20, 2008

Days of my life....

It's been more than a month since I even updated. I don't even think there are anyone reading my blog, yet I feel obligated to myself to write something to remember years later when I look back. Lot's of things had happened past this month. One very life-changing moment was the annoucement of my STPM results. Sadly, it was not very good and I have to suffer the consequences of my own actions. I have only gotten an A when I have expected at least 2A's or 3A's. Reality hurts and although I regret not studying hard enough or doing more exercises, I realised I did try my best. Right now, I should look to the future and do my best now and not dwelled on the past. Well let bygones be bygones. I try making the best of the worst and I've learnt a very harsh lesson indeed.
As you all know, I've been working for 4 months now....still going to be working till I enter university which is in July. I've tried to enjoy myself before entering this new phase of my life...going into university. The thought of it kinda freaks me out because I'm afraid of mostly not having any friends in uni and having to find friends. Well I still have three months to go to learn to be more sociable then the now reclusive and non-sociable me.
I had quite some fun time in the month of March and April besides the obvious heartbreaker (the STPM results). I went to a few places I never go before. When I say places, I mean restaurants. I dined in quite a few that I never go before thanks to my friends. You see, I'm a very kiam siap person (stingy) and try not to spend too much money. Now that I'm working I would tend splurge more it seems. I went to try the food in Pastamania....not very was okay....went to Old Town Cafe once...but I didn't drink anything because I didn't feel thirsty. You see, mostly when I go out with my friends, it's always either to eat or to the movie. I have watched a few movies, from 27 Dresses, Spiderwick Chronicles, Nim's Island, Ah Long Pte Ltd and a few more....I think I have watched a movie every week. That's my life now...pretty boring huh...but I really enjoy time spending talking to friends. We talk about almost everything including all kinds of funny stuff....that's why I feel that leaving Penang to go to university would be such a huge step because without these friends, I really feel lonely. Haven't know what university I'm going yet but hopefully it's a course that I like and can study. I almost forgot I did go somewhere this March...I went to the Tropical Spice look at plants...hehe...I went with the school's student librarians and teachers. It was quite fun to look at so many different plants.....

( At Old Town Cafe...drinks)
(Pastamania...such a big plate of pasta)
Tropical Spice Garden Main Entranc
(Spices to spice up your life)
(The scenery is bloody beautiful there)
(The gateway of Spice Garden)
(Pretty flowers all in a row)

On Friday, which was the 18th of April, I had a great time talking to my girl buddies again. I really like listening to their voices because somehow they make me feel like I belong somewhere. We had decided to surprise Hui Ting with a surprise birthday cake. Her birthday isn't another week to come which is on the 26th of April. We bought a blueberry cheesecake for her and I made her a bookmark and together we bought her a bag for her soon to coming days in uni. We went to have dinner in Little Cottage (once again another restaurant I haven't been before) which we sprang a surprise on her...the restaurant even played a birthday song for her...very cute song...... The food was nice and the atmosphere was warm and cozy...a little bit expensive to my taste but still affordable thankfully. After dinner, we went to New World Park and fool around a bit. Taking pictures and doing stupid stuff. Then we went to another place I haven't been before which is Jemputree for some late night drinks ( we drank till almost 1 am...well it was just non-alcoholic drinks...not to worry...hahaha).....and talk and talk and talk. We even played cards and HeartAttack and I think we were probably the noisiest bunch of girls the workers there have ever seen. It was really fun....I'm still thinking of how my future would be like...but somehow with them I don't have to worry how I'm going through it because I have friends.
( The blueberry cheesecake..yummy)
( Jemputree kinda have some romantic atmosphere)
I'm actually very proud of my group of sisters.....They are a very big part of my life. That's why we have to cherish every friend we have because besides our family, friends are the one to share your life with....Friends forever....Love you guys...

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